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Cyd Child

Messagepar Denis » sam. juil. 07, 2018 2:57 pm

La cascadeuse était à la Treasure Hunt annuelle et elle s'est confiée à un membre du forum inter.
Je traduirai les anecdotes inédites et les posterai sur les fiches des épisodes respectifs.

Denis - I asked her but she doesn’t have a photograph of Diane Enright. She said she liked her a lot as she wouldn’t try to do something that should have been done by a member of the stunt team, despite the director offering her more money to do so. She wouldn’t take that work away from the stuntmen and women.

She liked doing the fight scenes Best because of her judo background and didn’t like heights and particularly anything involving fire. She said there was one fire scene where she doubled for Diana (From Venus With Love? Mike will remember which episode it was) and afterwards she realised that she had her Emma Peeler’s on back to front but she didn’t want to do another take so they left it as it was.

She also spoke about Escape In Time and the scene where Mrs Peel is chased by the motorbike rider in the quarry which is mentioned in Mike’s book. The director, John Krish, kept asking for re-takes and each time asking Cyd if she could allow the bike to get closer to her. After several such requests Cyd just had enough and decided that she would just let the bike hit her, which it did.

That probably answers Cyberrich’s question although she sustained a more serious injury on For Your Eyes Only when she doubled for Cassandra Harris in the beach buggy scene. Because of the lack of clothing required for the scene she was unable to wear any pads and so practiced at low speed, gradually building up the approach speed of the buggy each time. When it became time for the take, for some reason a different driver (actually one of the famous Remy Julien team, in fact I think it was his son) got into the driver’s seat and drove at a much higher speed than they had previously rehearsed, resulting in her sustaining quite serious injuries.

The macaw seen at the end of that film was actually hers and had a screen test to see if it was suitable for the scene on the boat. It had actually belonged to Diana Rigg during her time on The Avengers but she said she could no longer look after it and so Cyd took it on.

There was plenty of other stuff she talked about but I’ll have to try and remember some of it. I’m sure Mike will be ale to contribute a few stories in the meantime.

The Treasure Hunt weekend was another very hot experience, as most of them are.

It was great to finally meet Cyd/Christine as we had spoken on the telephone and exchanged a number of emails some years ago when I was writing Bowler Hats and Kinky Boots. It’s really good when you actually meet these people associated with the series and I find that they every bit as approachable as via telephone and email.

Cyd talked about how Linda always wanted to do her own stunts and she would attempt to get the stunt made simpler, so she would be able to do it, rather than a stunt person. The one instance Cyd could remember was the episode Noon Doomsday, which was filmed on location at Brian Clemens’ farm at Ampthill, in Bedfordshire. There was a fall off a high wall and Linda took coaching from Joe Dunne how to perform this, but there were a huge amount of cardboard boxes out of shot to break her fall.

She disliked having to perform stunts with fire and as mentioned the flaming curtains in From Venus with Love, was not a favourite sequence.

She recounted how she was driving the red Mini in The New Avengers episode Sleeper and when the windscreen shattered she instinctively punched the glass out so she could see, but only later felt her arm was wet… with blood. She also mentioned that there was no ambulance there on that day and so it meant a trip to a hospital. The following day at the location there was an ambulance, but it was not needed.

During The Living Dead she doubled for Diana Rigg for a fight scene inside the cell with Julian Glover’s character, physically lifting him up and throwing him on the bunk. However, this was not Julian Glover, but actually stuntman Terry Plummer and the scene was shot twice. On the second take, Cyd’s face was visible on camera for about a second and production controller Jack Greenwood was unhappy with her about this as it gave away that it was not Diana Rigg doing the scene. Although this does appear unjust considering what Cyd had just done.

When she jumped off the bridge to visit Mother’s headquarters in They Keep Killing Steed, she knew that the depth was not that great near the sides and so she had to land directly in the middle so the depth of water would help break her fall. This stunt was done at the bridge in The Grove at Watford, which some of us visited on Friday afternoon.

When we visited Rabley Park, near Ridge, on Saturday with Cyd Child, she recounted the big fight scene she did here in All Done with Mirrors against Gozzo played by the 6ft 3ins, 20 stone professional wrestler, Big Bruno Elrington. I had to laugh when Cyd informed us that Big Bruno had actually complained about her for being too rough!

We walked beside the river here, which is also known as Long Lake and this was seen in the episode The House That Jack Built, plus we also walked down to the gatehouse that featured in The Hidden Tiger. This large property and estate has changed hands since our last visit some years ago when we had director John Hough with us, for a whopping £3.95 million, so if want to live in Avengerland you better start doing the lottery.

Cyd also doubled for Diana in the water fight scene at the lake/bridge in Aldenham Park, seen in You Have Just Been Murdered. She fought stuntman Les Crawford (who usually doubled for Roger Moore in The Saint) and he threw her about a lot and ducked her under water on several occasions. Cyd said she just kept thinking, ‘I win, I win… it’s in the script, I win’.
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Re: Cyd Child

Messagepar Steed3003 » lun. juil. 09, 2018 5:48 pm

Très intéressant, merci de les avoir relayés ici Denis!
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